Tuesday July 16,2019-A section of Kenyans have asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to help former KTN presenter, Esther Arunga, who is facing a possible jail term in Australia over her son’s death.

Arunga on Monday confessed she lied to police on what caused the death of her kid five years ago.

Arunga told the court that she found her husband, Quincy Timberlake, punching on Sinclair's stomach before he died, but she had earlier told investigators that he passed on after falling down the stairs in their family home in Kallangur, Australia.

Now Kenyans led by lawyer Steven Ogolla said should Arunga be found guilty and jailed, the President should direct Attorney General (AG) Paul Kihara to request the Australian government to grant her transfer to Kenya on grounds of improving prisoners' prospects for rehabilitation.

Once she is transferred, Ogolla said the Head of State can release her under certain conditions and the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) help her return in law practice.

Arunga hold law degree from the University of Wollongong in New South Wales. She was admitted to the bar in Nairobi in 2009 and is a certified barrister and solicitor.


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  1. I think Esther Arunga was possessed to agree whatever her boyfriend was directing her of what to say and what not to say
    These witch remote controls are there we may blame her but she was controlled by (witch remote controls)of her boyfriend i think she was not herself she should be pardoned under condition that she should return to her parents and be rehabilitated