Sunday, July 14, 2019- Media personality, Kalekye Mumo, has opened up on her struggle to find a suitable guy she can settle with stating that most men who approach her are not genuine.

Speaking during a TV interview, Kalekye said that men think she’s well off financially and only approach her hoping to live off her.

"The boy child does not want to work for what they see a person like me having. They have become lazy”

“They want to date me yet they are only 20-years-old because they think I can sponsor their lives. They don't want to work. I feel it's a generational problem," she asserted.

Despite her biological clock ticking away fast, Kalekye and most independent ladies like her, are finding it hard to get men to marry them since most men feel intimidated by their fame and money.

She dded:"That’s the worst feeling ever. It’s been done to me all my life. Even from when I was in my teens, guys assumed that aaah! Huyu dame anakaa ako na doo siezi muapproach.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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