Monday, July 8, 2019 - A man has narrated how a cunning slay queen played tricks on him after squandering his money.

He claims they met on facebook and planned for a date over the weekend.

They booked a hotel where he bought the slay queen expensive clothes, food and champagne to please her.

The guy thought that he was going to eat the cookie but things turned south after the slay queen spiked his drink with cyproterone pills.

The pills prevent erection.

The lady tried to play with his joystick but he couldn’t rise to the occasion.

After she left, he saw an empty box of pills in the toilet and that’s when he realized that the slay queen had spiked his drink with cyproterone pills which prevent erection.

Here’s the post that has gone viral.

He claims this is the cunning slay queen who drugged him.

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