Thursday, July 18, 2019- The government of President Uhuru Kenyatta is in the process of making the Huduma Namba mandatory for any Kenyan seeking government services.

This is according to the Huduma Namba Bill 2019 tabled in the National assembly that outlines several crucial services that will require one to have the number to access.

Once implemented, the Huduma Namba will be required in virtually every transaction and those without the crucial number will not have access to crucial services such as universal health care and opening of a bank account.

The bill also suggests that anyone without Huduma Namba will not b e allowed to register as a voter or even register a Sim Card.

Kenyans will also not sell or buy land, pay taxes or even acquire a passport without the vital document.

Individuals who will transact the listed services without the Huduma Namba will face dire consequences including  jail time for one year or a fine of up to Sh1 million.

See the proposals below.

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