Wednesday, July 24, 2019- In  2017, Kenyans came together and fundraised millions of shillings for Gladys Kamande, a woman from Mwiki, Kasarani, who claimed that she used to survive on an oxygen cylinder.

The woman further alleged  that the disease she was suffering from rendered her blind.

Gladys camped in different media stations with the huge oxygen cylinder which she claims was helping her to survive and  sought  for financial help.

Her heartbreaking story also went viral on various social media platforms.

A  pay-bill was formed and Kenyans contributed millions of shillings to help her seek specialized medical help abroad.

It later emerged that Glady’s  family was embroiled in a fight with social media humanitarian, Ndunyu  Nyoro, who helped her  raise money for medical help.

Nyoro revealed that Gladys and her family were planning to use the money that Kenyans contributed   to benefit themselves.

The Kenyan DAILY POST has learnt that Gladys gave  a fake story to get money.

She was  not surviving on oxygen cylinder as earlier alleged.

She cooked up the story and used it to con Kenyans through media.

The woman is now swimming in money after conning Kenyans.

She owns several plots in Mwiki which she bought with the money that Kenyans raised for her to seek medical help.

Here’s her latest photo.


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