Sunday, July 21, 2019-A Kenyan man who took a prostitute to a lodging to empty his juices learnt it the hard way after she stole from him.

The cunning lady who openly brags that she has many sex clients sneaked out of the lodging and left the man sleeping after stealing his wallet.

The commercial sex worker insists that she didn’t steal the wallet but when the man demanded to know why she sneaked out of the lodging and left him sleeping, the lady rudely told  him that she left because they were done with their “business”.

She further informed him that her demand is too high and so she had to leave to serve other clients.

The poor boychild paraded the prostitute on social media by posting their WhatsApp conversation to alert his fellow men.

Follow the conversation.

Here's a photo of the prostitute who stole from him.


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  1. hahaha....dont worry bro.. ni mali ya dunia. we're just custodians.