Tuesday July 30, 2019 - A section of Kalenjin community elders have distanced themselves from remarks by Kapseret MP, Oscar Sudi, directed at President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The elders who held a meeting in Eldoret on Monday also told Sudi off for claiming that the ongoing corruption purge is targeting members of a particular community.

“We wish to disassociate ourselves from careless utterances of some elected leaders.”

“Theirs is to undermine the efforts made by the Government to fight corruption.”

“We urge leaders to respect the institution of the Presidency for it is a symbol of national unity,” said Mr Yusuf Keitany, an elder.

Last week, Sudi dared President Kenyatta to resign, terming his administration as the most incompetent since independence.

Mr Sudi also accused President Kenyatta's administration of destroying the country's economy.

But elders told Sudi to shut up and let justice take its course.

“If someone stole, they did so as individuals but not on behalf of the community.”

“Insulting the President is not part of our culture as Kalenjins,” said one elder.

They concluded by saying that they fully support the handshake between Uhuru and National Super Alliance (NASA) leader, Raila Odinga.


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  1. Kusudi ya sudi kutusi Rais Ni ujinga mwingi sana. You see having been a master tout at Sosiani stage for years, the only things he knows is to shout out and has no capacity to listen let alone internalize the needed finesse of siasaring. So people tumuelewe tu kwamba huyu mtu wetu ni makanga first kila wakati anapofungua mdomo. Hii ndio sababu kubwa hawezi sema kitu ndani ya chamber ya Bunge ila tu hapo inche cos ni kitu iko kwa damu, yani amezoa open air kind of offices kaa bus stage hivi, nkt. Dare he open his lips inside the august house he will be roasted alive. Ruto wetu, muachilie huyu jamaa from your team of propagandists, he is a serious subtraction in your political algorithm.