Tuesday, July 30, 2019 - The recent deaths of high profile Kenyans who succumbed to cancer, have stirred a national conversation on how to deal with this menace.

While the deaths of Bomet Governor, Dr. Laboso, and Kibra MP, Ken Okoth, have been highly publicised, cancer claims over 100 people everyday in the country.

As Kenyans petition President Uhuru to declare cancer a national disaster, celebrated investigative journalist, Dennis Onsarigo, has revealed where the cancerous rain started beating us and warned that it could get worse.

The former KTN journalist once did an investigative piece in Marsabit in 2014 where dozens of people were succumbing to throat and stomach cancer.

He discovered that the deaths were not occasioned by food but water that had toxic carcinogens that had been buried back in the 80s in Kargi desert in Marsabit County by an international oil company that allegedly brokered a deal to bury nuclear waste there.

Onsarigo reckons that the chemicals are still being swept downstream over the years contaminating water bodies adjacent to Marsabit.

Even the goat meat consumed in Nairobi mostly comes from North Eastern parts of Kenya which could also be containing the carcinogens.

What’s more shocking is that a powerful Moi era Minister who okayed the dumping of the chemicals in Marsabit recently succumbed to cancer.

Check out his tweets below.


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