Tuesday July 2, 2019 - Political analyst, Martin Andati, has said that Deputy President William Ruto's actions after his claims that his life is in danger raised serious questions about his allegations.

Speaking during a media interview, Andati opined that Ruto's indifference after making these claims suggest otherwise, considering that he made the report through a phone call to the DCI and is yet to record a statement.

He noted that it would be unusual for a man whose life is in danger to continue crisscrossing the nation as usual without making a formal complaint with the police.

Hadi sasa hajaandikisha taarifa. Huwezi tu kupiga simu kama mtu amekutishia maisha. Huwezi endelea na kazi yako wakati unajua maisha yako yako hatarini.”

(He is yet to record a statement. You can't just make a phone call when your life is in danger. You cannot also carry on with your work with your life under threat)," he said.

He added that the DP might fear contradicting himself at the police.

According to Andati, Ruto is immune to assassinations as per the new Constitution because he even sits in the Security Council.

Therefore, he opined that DCI should not take these claims seriously, faulting the institution for wasting public funds investigating claims made through a phone call.

"DCI pia anaharibu pesa. Huwezi fanya uchunguzi kwa mambo ya kuambiwa katika simu (the DCI is wasting funds. You cannot investigate matters raised through the phone)," he added.


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