Sunday July 21, 2019-A Jubilee politician has cautioned Mt Kenya region against "betraying" Deputy President William Ruto in 2022 presidential contest.

Francis Mureithi, who unsuccessfully vied for Embakasi East Parliamentary seat, said it would be unfair for leaders and electorates from Mt. Kenya to turn against the DP who had supported them for two terms.

Addressing a gathering, the youthful politician skillfully used biblical teachings on betrayal to caution the voter-rich region against falling victim of such doctrine.

 "Even the bible says, you will start with Jerusalem, go to Samaria and then Judea. Our Samaria is Ruto you know he helped us and we made a covenant in Nakuru, that is our Mt. Sinai."

“We said, if he helped us win, we would help him win too and we will not go back on our words," he said.

He even likened the troubles that would haunt the Kikuyu community if they turned against Ruto to the infamous story of the biblical Onan.

"We don't want to be compared to Onan in the bible who when his brother died God told him to go sleep with his wife so that his legacy could continue. But since Onan had an evil heart, he never helped the wife become pregnant," he stated.

 According to Mureithi, the time had come for the region to keep its promise and drop the tag of betrayal.

"We as Gikuyu people, let us stop lying to each other. We lied to Raila, we lied to Kalonzo, we lied to Mudavadi but Ruto is still standing with us, will we stand with him? he posed.


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