Saturday July 20, 2019-Kiambu Governor, Ferdinand Waititu on Friday, vowed to protect his wife and daughter even if it means he appears in court for that.

Addressing a group of Kiambu residents, Waititu noted that he was ready to face the court and answer to corruption charges labeled against him.

He further defended his wife, Susan, and daughter Monica’s roles at his companies, arguing that he is a family man and so he ought to enjoy his fortunes with his kin.

"People are claiming that authorities are looking for me, where are they looking and I'm right here?"

"I want people to know that if found guilty, I'm ready to face the court and answer to charges just like all the other men. I don't see any fault in employing my wife and daughter in my companies," stated Waititu.

"For people who are claiming that I have employed my wife and daughter in my companies, I think I should employ my family members, am I not supposed to employ them?" Waititu stated.

He also took a swipe at people who claimed he embezzled money from the county government explaining that they had malicious intentions.

"People should know that their malice was shut down when the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) asked them to produce evidence but they couldn't," he added.


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