Wednesday July 31, 2019 - Even before he officially assumes roles of Governor of Bomet following the death of his boss, Dr. Joyce Laboso, Deputy Governor Dr Hillary Barchok, a former Chuka University Dean of Students, has shown his other side of ruthlessness.

Known to be a quiet and peaceful man, Dr. Barchok, who is also a Pastor by profession, has been leading a rather quiet life in and out of his office.

When Governor Joyce Laboso left to UK for treatment, she signed an Executive Order which allowed Dr. Barchok to transact official businesses in the County as Governor.

And in June this year, a furious Barchok proved his critics that he was not timid and that he was ready to execute duties in the absence of Dr. Laboso.

He maintained that there was no leadership vacuum in Bomet, adding that those who were against his leadership were at liberty to quit.

“I am fully in charge of the executive arm of the County Government, with instruments of power having been handed over to me by Dr. Laboso when she left for treatment.”

“It is a written Executive Order.”

“We do not have two centres of power or parallel reporting lines…there is no leadership vacuum.”

“It should be clear to the staff, public and the assembly that this is a Government that cannot be run from the streets,” said Dr. Barchok.

 “People should not take our silence for cowardice.”

“Even if it is politics you want to deploy, bring it on, we will deal with it.”

“Henceforth, it will be business unusual,” said a visibly angry Deputy Governor.

Dr. Barchok is set to officially take over following the death of Governor Laboso on Monday.
Laboso's remains will be interred at her husband's home in Koru, Kisumu.


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