Monday, July 6, 2019-Former Kalonzo Musyoka’s personal assistant and self-proclaimed political analyst, Benji Ndolo, was humiliated by auctioneers in broad-daylight in the Central Business District after they re-possessed his high end vehicle over a bank loan.

The Kenyan DAILY POST has learnt that the auctioneers came to the apartment where  Ndolo resides  and when he got wind of their presence, he sneaked through the kitchen door straight to the parking lot and drove away.

The auctioneers who were determined to repossess the high end car, an Audi Q7 registration number KBZ 88G, gave him a chase and finally caught up with him at Loita Street in the Central Business District.

They humiliated him badly  infront of curious on-lookers before repossessing the high end car.

He  was only allowed to pick a charger and a bunch of bananas before the car was whisked away by the auctioneers.

Here’s a photo  of  auctioneers repossessing the high end car that belongs to Ndolo at Loita Street in Nairobi CBD as curious onlookers enjoy the drama.

 The Kenyan DAILY POST

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