Monday, July 2, 2019 - Some brainless Kenyans have been mocking Bob Collymore’s wife, Wambui Kamiru, and calling her a gold-digger who married the late CEO for money.

For the better part of yesterday after the shocking news of Collymore’s death emerged, foolish Kenyans who brand Kikuyu women as gold diggers were discussing how Wambui has hit a jackpot because she will inherit his wealth which runs into millions of shillings.

However, Collymore emotionally revealed in an interview before he died how his wife stuck with him when he was diagnosed with cancer.

Bob said that Wambui accompanied him to London where he was admitted in hospital for 9 months and she was there every day, offering him both emotional and spiritual support.

“It takes a strong, loving woman to support her husband through such a difficult time,” he said during the interview.

“She is a fantastic lady who stuck with me.”

“She went to London, stayed through that miserable winter that we had and she was there every day.”

“Wambui made a big sacrifice.” Collymore added.


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