Tuesday, July 2, 2019 - Before Bob Collymore succumbed to cancer on Monday, he had a meeting with Radio Africa boss, Patrick Quarcoo, who was one of his close friends and a fellow member at an exclusive Boys Club that consists of top CEOs in the Country.

Collymore had already predicted that he was going to die.

According to Quarcoo, the late CEO told him and other friends that if he gets three more days, he will be lucky.

We asked what we must do should we part” Quarcoo said.

Bob responded, “Stay together, stand by Wambui.”

This was his last wish for his friends to his wife, Wambui Kamiru.

Wambui stood by him when he was diagnosed with cancer.

She accompanied him to London where he was admitted for 9 months and every day, she was there to offer him support.

Wambui and Collymore married in 2016 in a simple wedding at Kitisuru, Nairobi.


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