Monday July 15,2019-Jubilee Party Secretary General, Raphael Tuju, has said he will not be intimidated by recent outburst by Deputy President William Ruto who accused him of working with opposition to undermine his presidential bid in 2022.

On Sunday, Ruto caused uproar on social media when he accused Tuju of working with ODM leadership.

“So our democracy is so liberal that the SG of a ruling party has become the chief strategist of the opposition!! Maajabu (Wonders!!),”Ruto said.

But in an interview with one of the local dailies on Sunday, Tuju insisted that he's committed to help President Uhuru Kenyatta execute his mandate.

Tuju maintained that Dr Ruto remains his boss, adding that he had no intentions to contradict him. Tuju however, insisted that he's focused to ensure the Handshake survives.

“It is … my position that I am committed to supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s efforts to unite the country through bold steps like the BBI, the handshake, the fight against corruption and the Big Four agenda.”

“Before the handshake, several people were talking about secession. So you ask yourself, who would really want to become a President, a Cabinet Secretary or leader of a country where a significant population is agitating for secession?” Tuju posed.


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