Friday, July 26, 2019 - Just when you thought you had seen and heard enough crap from these so called slay queens, you come across this bimbo.

The ratchet mother has set social media ablaze after she posted a video complaining how ugly her baby is.

In the video, the slay queen by the name Quaylaa Ann, showed her son to the world saying he is ugly and blamed the baby daddy for his looks.

"Our biggest fear was having an ugly baby. Now, look. Look what the fuck I got. Look at him. He is so funny looking."

She said as she turned her child around for her viewers to see.

She added: “I never wanted to have no ugly baby. I just knew there was gonna be a 50 50 chance that one of these kids was gonna come out ugly, because of him (her man)."

Ironically, the baby looks exactly like the mother apart from the skin complexion which she may have bleached.

Check out the video below.


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