Monday July 8, 2019-Transport Cabinet Secretary, James Macharia‘s wife Pamela Chanda, is battling cheating claims with a young energetic man.

Macharia married Pamela in 1990 when the CS was working in Lusaka, Zambia. They are blessed with two children.

However despite having money and all the niceties of this planet, Macharia seems to useless when it comes to satisfying his aging wife sexually.

According to snoops, Pamela, who is a Zambian national has sought the services of a young Somali man to satisfy her sexually.

The man identified as Moha runs a Non-Profit Organization and very close with Deputy President William Ruto.

Due to his prowess in bed, Moha is swimming with money thanks to Pamela’s generosity

 “Moha is upcoming politician and he is living large courtesy of Pamela, the problem is that he has been going around telling everyone how she is treating him financially and bedroom matters” said one of the source.

“Moha showed us all the communication and how the woman bought him sleek car and bankrolled him to establish archetypal hotel at the city centre, he has videos of them in bed and other nude photos” the source added.


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