The list of La Liga top scorers of the previous season was fairly predictably and is topped by Lionel Messi. The Argentinian was noticeably stronger than almost all of his direct competitors. Moreover, Messi showed impressive stability and scored not just occasionally, but regularly. In many respects, it was Lionel's effective performance that led Barca to win the gold medals of the national championship once again.
Messis partner in the club, Luis Suarez, also performed really well. The Uruguayan scored 21 times in the matches against major rivals. A similar result was demonstrated by Karim Benzema from Real Madrid. In the first season after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, the Frenchman quickly became one of the leaders of the team and was able to prove that he shouldnt not be written off.
The list of the top scorers of La Liga based on the results of the previous season looks quite predictably:
  • Stuani;
  • Ben Yedder;
  • Aspas;
  • Griezmann.
However, their seasons were as whole as the one of Messi, or they showed their maximum only occasionally. The gap between Argentinian and the second place in the list of the best scorers is 13 goals - impressive.
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In the upcoming season, the main favorite for the title of the top scorer is again Messi. Despite the fact that the Argentinian is already 32, he maintains excellent shape and is one of the best players in the world. Most importantly, Messi can demonstrate a fantastic level of football in every match.
It is quite possible that the competition will be held between Real's newcomer Luka Jovic, who was bought by the Meringues from the Eintracht Frankfurt. However, the Serbian striker still needs some time to adjust to the new team, so it is unlikely that he will immediately call all the shots in the team, even despite high expectations from the fans.
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