Friday, July 26, 2019 - A 44-year old Kenyan man will spend the rest of his life in a Chinese jail after he was busted trafficking drugs.

Simon Wambua, a first time drug trafficker, was arrested at the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport after an X-ray scanner illuminated “suspected granular items” in his stomach.

He would discharge 79 capsules containing cocaine about 900 grammes.

He now joins 30 other Kenyans rotting in Chinese jails for various crimes since the two countries don’t have bilateral arrangements to exchange prisoners.

Under the Chinese criminal law, he would be facing a death penalty had the amount been a kilo or more.

So how did the former farm labourer who was leading a comfortable life in Kenya find himself in this situation?

Mr. Mbuvi was approached by a lady simply identified as Fridah with an offer of $2,050 (Sh211, 150) to carry out an assignment on her behalf in China.

She helped him secure all the necessary travel documents including a valid visa.

Apparently, she wanted to send Mbuvi to China to buy some items.

Unbeknownst to him, the lady was part of a network of a drug trafficking cartel.

On the morning of November 24th, Mbuvi left Kenya for China through the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

However, he had to stop over in Addis Ababa for a connecting flight and that is where he was linked to two other men.

The men gave him food and ‘convinced’ him to swallow 79 capsules using water and soda and instructed him not to eat anything aboard the 12-hour flight to China.

Once he landed in China, he was to be received and hosted by some people.

However, he didn’t make it past the immigration corridor in Guangzhou Airport after scanners revealed the unusual foreign matter in his stomach.

Chinese authorities seized the cash he had been given and his Tecno mobile phone.
He was arrested and in two days, he discharged 79 capsules of cocaine.

When he tried to reach out to the lady who had arranged her travel, her phone was off.


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