Wednesday July 17, 2019-Finger of God Church pastor, Joseph Hellon, on Tuesday, shed more light on former KTN anchor Esther Arunga's character that might have been the cause of her downfall.

Speaking during an interview, Hellon revealed that Arunga preferred men who were rich and that she was attracted to bad boys.

Hellon further insinuated that it was that character which led to her downfall from her heydays at the helm of KTN.

"Quincy (Timberlake) came with promises of big money, big media positions in those countries he purported to have had contacts with and he also came with some dollars so he looked like a rich guy.”

"Esther liked anyone who was rich and somewhat she was attracted to the bad boy," narrated Hellon.

Hellon further claimed that before things went haywire, he held a meeting in 2010 with his wife, Arunga and Quincy, during which he advised the former news anchor against her union with the man he termed as a con-man as well as a cyber-criminal.

However, Arunga ignored him and his advise totally and even went ahead to block and cut him off from her life entirely.

"It's actually a very sad state of affairs because I actually told Esther that Quincy was a bad person," he further divulged.

Hellon also alleged that before Quincy joined his church, he had used black magic and witchcraft.

"Quincy used witchcraft; he told me before he joined the church that he used to practice witchcraft and he wanted to reform," continued the pastor.


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