Monday, June 14, 2019-Former KTN journalist,  Esther Arunga, has admitted lying to police about the circumstances that led to the death of their 3 year old son, Sinclair.

After the young boy died, Arunga called emergency services and lied that he had fallen down the stairs.

But autopsy report revealed the cause of the death of the  three year old boy was as a  result of blunt force.

The former  anchor recanted the  earlier report  she made to police  and narrated the incidence that led to the death of Sin-Clair.

Esther told the court that on the night of  June 17th  2014, she went to take a shower and after  coming out of the bathroom, she found Timberlake beating their son.

He threw the young boy against the wall and punched him in the stomach.

He claimed there was a devil in the boy’s  stomach and he must get it out.

“There’s a devil in his stomach, I have to get it out.” Esther told the court the exact words that her husband said after punching his son in the stomach several times.

She said Quincy had a strong arm and  even a grown up man can’t survive his punches.

The court heard Esther lied to police in a bid to protect her husband from arrest.

She will be sentenced on Thursday.


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