Tuesday, July 16, 2019- Quincy Timberlake’s ex-wife, Rose Mueni, has urged Kenyans to pray for Esther Arunga, ahead of Thursday’s ruling that could see the former KTN anchor sentenced to several years in jail.

Arunga’s fate will be decided on Thursday by an Australian court after she pleaded guilty on Monday to being an accessory to the murder of her son in 2014.

She admitted to misleading the police about the circumstances in which her 3-year old son died to protect her husband.

It later emerged that it is Timberlake who killed the boy by punching him on the stomach and throwing him against the wall while exorcising a demon he claimed was in his body.

 Mueni has insisted she no longer holds any grudge against Esther and urged Kenyans to pray for her during these tough times.

She said: “At first I would rage against Esther but later I came to learn how to accept things like they are.

“I don’t hold any grudge towards her and I pray every day for God to talk to her, because there will always be memories of her in the family as she is with my husband. 

"God had a reason and that is why I did not react in all that mess. Just like I pray for my enemies is the same way I pray for Esther.”

“Let her put her trust in God and know that God gave Jesus for all of us and no one is exceptional and that if she puts her trust in God, He can give her a new start and beginning.

“I also think she has so much to tell it’s only that she hasn’t spoken.”

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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