Monday July 1, 2019-State House Director of Digital Communication Dennis Itumbi has distanced himself from ongoing investigations about Deputy President William Ruto's alleged assassination plot.

This is after investigations by both the DCI and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) established that the letter, which was allegedly authored by Itumbi and other Ruto’s aides who also still on the run, was fake.

Itumbi has come out to rubbish reports that he is among the suspects and has since switched off his phone for fear of being arrested.

According to Itumbi, he does not work for the DP but rather in President Kenyatta's office.
Besides, he operates from the State House and not Harambee Annex offices.

“By the way I do not work for DP. I work for the Presidency from State House. I have not received any summons. I learnt about it today from the Sunday Nation, unless Sunday Nation is an extension of the DCI. When I receive summons I will let you know. People should not say we have switched off our phones," he stated.



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  1. mt Kenya hyenas, when your assignation plot has been discovered, now, the redemption is to blame it on the target: in playing innocent. The only innocent mt Kenya is a dead one, the living ones are as abyss and abyss.

  2. The most inept of political appointments