Sunday, July 14, 2019-Business came to a near standstill in Kapsabet town after a Ben 10 was caught red handed chewing someone’s wife.

Apparently, a man set a trap for his cheating wife after hearing rumours that she was engaged in an illicit affair with a younger man.

There were rumours circulating in the town that his wife was having sex with her mpango wa kando inside a shop that she runs in town , prompting her husband to set a trap for them.

The proverbial forty days of the  randy woman reached after she was busted  having sex with the Ben 10 in her shop.

The cheating wife had transformed her business premises to a lodging.

He found the young man busy chewing his wife in broad-daylight.

Residents of Kapsabet town gathered to witness the daylight drama that has been the talk of the town all week long.

Here’s the video.

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