Friday July 5, 2019 - There was drama on Thursday as Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu's former Finance Chief Officer got arrested while addressing a congregation at Kigwa Hotel.

The former Finance Officer, Faith Njeri Harrison, resigned on Tuesday for the second time in two weeks citing Waititu’s continued dictatorship tendencies to control all departments.

In the video, Ms Njeri is seen being confronted by casually dressed men before boarding a car that was waiting inside the hotel's compound.

The former Finance Officer was, however, later set free.

According to reports, Ms Njeri had already spilled the County Government's flaws and asked authorities to move in and take charge of the situation before it worsens.

She claimed that Waititu made it difficult for her team to carry out their duties as most of the instructions they received were illegal.

"The Finance Department is the custodian of all county public properties.”

“Many of the properties, which include staff houses and quarries, have been transferred to private individuals.”

“We cannot work this way," she dished out.

Njeri singled out some properties in Kamenu and near Blue Post Hotel in Thika as being in questionable hands.

She also divulged that the Procurement Department did not operate independently because Waititu dictated who the evaluation team was to award tenders.

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