Friday, July 12, 2019- Capital FM listeners were treated to free drama on Friday morning when hosts of the morning show, Fareed Khimani and Amina Abdi, lashed at each other, leading  to Fareed storming out mid-show.

While at first it appeared like one of those stupid stunts radio presenters pull to get people talking and revive their dwindling ratings, we can confirm that it wasn’t scripted.

It all started when Fareed, who has struggled to establish on air chemistry with Amina, since he was hired to replaced Maqbul Mohamed, noticed Amina had been sulking and asked her what was bothering her.

Amina was pissed after realizing that Fareed’s salary is significantly higher than what she’s paid.

Things went south pretty fast with Fareed threatening to leave the station stating that it was not a must he works with Amina.

Amina dared him to leave saying, nobody would die simply because you left.

“Si you leave, we’re not going to die without you, Idiot!” she said as she urged DJ Adrian to continue playing music.

Fareed seemed to have had enough and stormed out.

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