Thursday July 25, 2019 - Third Way Alliance party leader, Dr Ekuru Aukot, has asked Siaya Senator, James Orengo, to retire from politics and hand over the baton to his sons and daughters.

In a post on Thursday, Aukot who seemed to react to Orengo's sentiments over his Punguza Mizigo Bill, suggested that it was time the long-serving legislator handed over the button to the 'energetic generation'.

Appearing on KTN on Wednesday evening, Orengo poked holes into the Punguza Mizigo amendment Bill that has already been sent to County Assemblies across the country for deliberations.

"Punguza Mizigo Bill cannot be amended and was not subjected to the conversation, unlike what Building Bridges Initiative is doing.”

“No one has even seen the Bill itself,” Orengo told KTN’s Point Blank host, Tony Gachoka.

But in a fast rejoinder, Aukot termed Orengo as a selfish leader who no longer thinks with his head because of sycophancy.

“It is sad that @orengo_james can no longer think.”

“It's time he retired and passed the baton, at least to his son.”

“That's in tandem even with African custom.”

“The old must allow a younger and energetic generation to take over," Aukot said.


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  1. That is very true Bwana AUkot. Orengo needs to stop purporting to speak for the people but agree it is for self preservation. Just the other day he was against jubilee. Now after the handcheque, jubilee iko sawa. Aukot meet Wanjiku and Wanjiku said punguza mzigo. BBI is for a few elites interested in power not what we tax payers are feeling on the ground. Look at unga, fees, fuel et al. The politicians up there do not feel it as they increase their pay any other time. The rest of Kenyans: university dons, Teachers, Doctors and the rest in the civil service cannot make ends meet. Thweir CBAs are in limbo as positions are created for a few friends to eat. Punguza Mzigo I repeat.