Don't kill her! How to deal with rejection for men

This year has been a terrible one for two certain ladies. Ivy Wangeci and Naomi Chepkemoi have both endured the cruel fate of being assaulted physically by people who knew them.

Was Ivy Wangeci murdered by a stalker that she knew?

It is alleged that Naomi was stabbed by a man she shared a child with after an argument they had. The argument it is claimed, was because she wanted to end her relationship with the said man.

The Pwani University student is now fighting for her life. Ivy, on the other hand, was killed last months in a murder that shocked the nation, by a man she had known for many years.
Was Ivy Wangeci murdered by a stalker that she knew?

The initial claim by her friends is that he had been infatuated with Ivy. This they say, caused him to murder her after she went silent after he had allegedly sent her 14,000 shillings for her birthday celebration.

Although one cannot conclude for sure that the two men had attacked the women because they were spurned, the early indications point in that direction.

We at never condone acts of violence from either gender. This article seeks to advice young men who might have had their romantic overtures rejected by a woman they were into on how best to handle rejection.

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1. Commanding Oil
This is the basic recipe I use, from my own book of shadows, to create a Commanding Oil; and this recipe has worked successfully for me.
Items needed:
Herbs: calamus root and licorice root– other plants with strong commanding properties may include vetiver and bergamot, which is a good commanding herb for matters pertaining to finances
Oils: you can use as a base– olive oil, baby oil (unscented), or mineral oil; for a commanding oil of malevolent intentions, use castor oil

Combine and crush your chosen herbs in a mortar and pestle, add them to the oil. Either heat the oil in a pot just until you begin to smell the herbs, releasing their energy, and pour it into a jar; or add the oil and herbs directly to a jar and leave it sit beneath the sun or the moon for several hours.
It’s that simple.

2. Do My Bidding Spell
In order to get another person to bend to your will and do what you want, you will create a candle spell using Commanding Oil. You will, in essence, put yourself above your target, overpowering them magically, allowing the oil to do its work.

Items needed:
1. One black candle to represent your target
2. One white candle to represent yourself
3. Commanding Oil
4. 3 straight pins

Carve the name of your target on the black candle and anoint this candle with Commanding Oil. Insert three straight pins an equal distance apart about an inch from the top of the candle. Carve your own name on the white candle. You will situate these candles so that the white candle representing you is above the black candle representing your target. I’ve actually taken a small slip of paper and written on it exactly what I wanted the target to do, folding it and slipping it beneath the black candle.

You will situate these candles so that the white candle is positioned above the black candle. As the black candle burns down, the straight pins will eventually begin to fall, and as they do, so too, the will of your target will crumble.

Take the remnants of this spell and bury them in the earth.

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