Wednesday July 3, 2019 - Late former Safaricom Chief Executive Officer, Bob Collymore, was cremated on Tuesday at Kariokor Crematorium one day after he died at his Kitisuru home.

Collymore, 61, went to his maker on Monday morning after battling cancer of the blood for two years.

In their last conversation with Radio Africa Group CEO, Mr Patrick Quarcoo, the CEO remembered how Bob, who was full of life, joked about his demise promising to come back to them as a ghost.

“I don’t know about this heaven and earth thing, but I truly hope there is a life after death,” said Bob.

“When we asked him why he was saying so, he answered” ‘If there are ghosts, I will surely come and rustle the curtains and on birthdays when you light the candles for my children, I will come and help blow them out’,” said Bob amid laughter from his friends.

According to Patrick’s narrations, Bob had already predicted his death saying that he could be lucky if he could get some three more days to live.

“If I get three more days, I will be lucky.”

Asking him on what Patrick and his friends should do for him when he was gone, Bob answered them, ‘stay together, stand by Wambui’.”


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