Wednesday July 10, 2019-Police officers handling State House Digital Director Dennis Itumbi's case were torn between two charges which he was to be arraigned with.

According to details, detectives handling the case on Monday evening agreed to charge him with making a false document, while others pushed for charges of treason.

Itumbi's lawyer Moses Chelang'a on Monday denied having knowledge about the treason charges, saying that as far as he is concerned, no additional charges have been pressed.

"So far, they haven’t told us if there are any additional charges against my client, but if they do so, we will make it public,” Chelang’a stated.

Details also indicate that the accused was earlier the same day brought under questioning regarding the same, a session that took the entire afternoon, in the company of his lawyer.

This is as the assassination claim against the DP continues to receive mixed reactions from politicians, with his allies calling upon the investigative bodies to give the claims the required seriousness.

Itumbi was arrested on Wednesday last week in relation to a letter suggesting that there is an ongoing plot to assassinate Deputy President William Ruto.

Implicated in the alleged plot are some top state officials from the Mt Kenya region, including four Cabinet Secretaries.


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