Tuesday July 23, 2019-The order by the Director of Public prosecutions Noordin Haji for the Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury Henry Rotich and a number of other top Government officials to be arrested took many by surprise. 

DPP Haji insisted that he had enough evidence that linked Rotich and other Government officials with corruption and mismanagement of funds in the Kimwarer and Arror dam projects that were overseen by an Italian construction company called CMC Di Ravenna.

According to reports, the DPP Haji and the Director of Criminal investigations (DCI) George Kinoti went to great lengths to in order to get the information that incriminated the suspects.

The investigations into the Sh65 Billion dam projects that were to be constructed in Elgeyo Marakwet took a period of 9 months. In the nine months, the multi-agency task force travelled to Italy, UK and Dubai while following up on the details. 

Reports indicate that officials from the offices of the DPP and DCI sought help from other countries while tracking payments, meetings and other activities that were conducted by the suspects in regard to the dam projects.

Among the incriminating pieces of evidence the agencies obtained were a CCTV footage believed to have been provided by the Italian Government. 

The footage showed how Kenyan officials broke deals concerning the dams with other officials believed to be Italian.

“It was shocking on those caught in the video. It is clear on the motive,” said an official on condition of anonymity.



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  1. These are the way fools do jobs once appointed by a known born and bread of loots.

    wame nona kama nguruwe kwa kazi duni kila wakati.