Tuesday July 16, 2019-Criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta has opened up on his illness after failing to appear in court yet again, in the Willie Kimani murder case, forcing the court to adjourn the hearing to October 7.

Three weeks ago, he had threatened to do so, citing that he had an appointment with a specialist on the very same day (Monday).

“I am in the house. I cannot reveal the illness I am suffering from but I will tell you that I was treated at Nairobi Hospital. They could not contain what I was suffering from, and thus, referred me to a consultant operating at Doctors Plaza,” Ombeta revealed.

However, Ombeta, who has enjoyed success in various murder cases, refused to answer whether or not he had a doctor’s report.

“I am not a President or public official to reveal what I am suffering from. I am on painkillers and on other drugs. I am also on bed rest. When you are unwell and your grandmother or a witch doctor is treating you, that still means you are unwell. The two cannot give you a medical document.

Ombeta further narrowed down on the prosecution, accusing them of using malicious tactics to have him thrown out of the case.

“If I am not well, how do they expect me to perform to my level best for my client? They are interested in my representation alone. No one else. There was a suggestion from the prosecution, that I delegate someone to hold briefly for me. I am a nightmare to them in that case. I have done my research extensively and they know I am hawk-eyed. My exclusion will be a blessing to them.”

“They are inhuman. Some of them have been unwell before. Why only me? It’s so discriminating. The prosecution should focus on the public case, not me. My medical records are not part of the evidence,” Ombeta protested.


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