Sunday, July 14, 2019-A Kenyan  man who disguised himself as a rich mzungu sponsor has shared intimate chats he had with desperate Kenyan ladies who wanted to sleep with him.

The man formed a fake account on facebook and disguised himself as a rich mzungu sponsor who is on a holiday in the Country.

Ladies went nuts and flooded his DM after he said that he was looking for company during his stay in the Country.

A 21 year old lady identified as, Tracy Kodinga, is among the desperate ladies who rushed to this man’s DM.

Tracy confessed that she sleeps with men aged between 40 to 100 years and loves raw sex.

She further confessed that she had threesome sex recently.

The young college lady, who seems to be doing prostitution secretly,  was charging the fake mzungu Ksh 200,000 for sex.

Who cursed Kenyan women?

Tracy has deactivated her social media accounts after the expose.

See these intimate chats that will leave you speechless.



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