Friday July 19, 2019-National Youth Service (NYS) Director General, Matildwa Sakwa, was on Wednesday hospitalized after she was poisoned at her office.

According to impeccable sources, Matilda who was appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta last year collapsed moments after she drank a cup of tea.

It was not immediately known if the contents of the tea caused her illness but those close to Sakwa suspect it might have been an attempt on her life.

"We suspect that someone might have tried to poison her," a source said.
Sakwa has been undertaking decentralisation and other major reforms at the institution that previously has been hit by major scandals. 
On Thursday Waswa confirmed that she was rushed to hospital after drinking tea but did not disclose the diagnosis.
Sakwa says that some people are unhappy with the reforms she is undertaking at the institution.
“I know corruption fights back and it takes time to clean the image of NYS, and therefore you will always get naysayers who do not mean well for the institution,” she said.



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