Monday July 22,2019-The ongoing push for a referendum by Third Way Alliance leader , Dr Ekuru Aukot, has received a huge boost after hundreds MCAs endorsed the constitutional amendment to reduce Parliamentary seats and scrapped the position of Deputy Governor.

The amendment dubbed Punguza Mzigo seeks to reduce the numbers of MPs from current 349 to a 147 which will reduce the wage bill by Sh 35 billion according to Aukot.

Speaking on Monday, Homa Bay County Majority leader, Walter Muok, says the county assembly of Homa Bay is ready to support the bill since it seeks to reduce number of MPs and increase money in counties.

According to Muok, the new bill is aimed at empowering devolution. 

He noted that over the past years, Kenya has not benefited from devolution because of power remaining at the national level and now it is their turn to take it to the people through the proposal.

He noted that the Bill has rooted for the creation of avenues for the development of wards. 

“In my opinion, the Bill strengthens devolution by recognizing wards as the lowest unit of development. Creation of ward development fund and increasing allocation of funds from the national government to county government will enhance implementation of development projects by county governments," said Muok.


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