Monday July 29, 2019 - Former Jubilee Party Vice Chair, David Murathe, has for the first time gone public on Deputy President William Ruto's alleged assassination plot claims.

Speaking on the issue on Sunday, Murathe dismissed Ruto's fears as falsehoods, terming them a fabrication, most likely made to derail the ongoing war on corruption.

He noted that the fact that some people have already been charged with faking the letter is proof that it was a mere lie.

"This is my personal opinion.”

“The assassination plot is a fabrication.”

“Someone has been charged with uttering false statements.”

“I suspect it has to do with the fight against corruption," said Murathe.

Murathe called for Ruto's exit from the Government if he believes that his life is in danger after the blame initially landed on four Cabinet Secretaries as the main people behind the plot.

According to Murathe, the DP would have taken a walk if the plot was real, after which the blame landed on State House Digital Director, Denis Itumbi, who has since been charged with forgery.

"If I sit in the Cabinet and think that there are people in that Cabinet who are a threat to my personal security, I would take a walk," he added.


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