Thursday, July 11, 2019- Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris is on the receiving end from Kenyans over ‘juvenile outburst’ on social media.

It all started when a citizen/voter asked Passaris to account for her 2 years in office and her response did not go down well with Kenyans, especially the Nairobians she represents.

"Esther, we elected you to fix those things you’re talking about. It’s been nearly 2 years, what institutional changes have you proposed so far?" Ms Imani asked.

In response, Ms Passaris went on an epic rant describing the concerns raised by Ms Imani as temper tantrums from a two-year-old.

"What would I expect from a two-year-old? If you expected me to fix it all because you elected me, you expected far too much amid all the confusion," the Nairobi Women Rep stated.

"I can't fix what you yourself don't aspire to fix. Next time you vote. Think twice. Think issues," she added.

Her arrogant response angered many Kenyans who did not hold back with some asking her to resign if she has failed to deliver on her promises.

See her posts below and reaction.

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