Wednesday July 17, 2019-Former KTN news anchor Esther Arunga could be under a serious curse from his own father.

This is after it emerged that she defied his father to marry her fiance Quincy Timberlake in 2010

In a You Tube footage, Arunga is seen blasting his father for trying to stop her marriage to Mr. Timberlake, expressing her disappointment in what she describes as her father's abuse of his connections.

The tirade marked an escalation in the tensions between her family and her that played out publicly in the media and in the corridors of justice.

"I am disappointed in my father for having used his connections or rather abused his connections to the corridors of power to try and intimidate my husband. I thank God it did not work,” she said. 

In the video she also rails against "any forces trying to frustrate my marriage" and vows to tackle unnamed top Government officials whom she claims were part of a scheme to frustrate her marriage.

The video comes in the wake of revelations that Arunga lied under oath to a court in Australia about the circumstances of the death of her son.

An investigation by sleuths from the homicide unit in Australia found that Quincy Timberlake, her husband, killed their son, contradicting Arunga's testimony that the child fell to his death.


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