Why Tanzanian LADIES are applying tobacco on their private parts.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - Tanzanian women are applying tobacco on their private parts to stop the urge of having sex.

According to a report carried out by the BBC, the women from Tabora region in Tanzania also apply tobacco in their privates as a family planning method.

 “When I put the tobacco in my privates  I feel like I have been with a man. Even if a man makes a move at me, I feel like he’s just a nuisance.

An old woman told me to mix the ground tobacco (ugoro) with soda ash (magadi) before mixing it with cooking oil .When placed in the privates, the urge to have sex ceases,” a woman identified as Asha said.

However, a local doctor in Tanzania identified as Dr Paul Swakara told the BBC that the women are causing harm to their bodies.

According to Dr Swakara, tobacco can cause infertility and cancer when inserted in the private parts.

The doctor says that no medical research has been conducted to establish whether tobacco can be used as a family planning method or reduce sex urge.

Here’s the tobacco concoction that the Tanzanian women insert in their private parts.


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