Why Churches in Kenya including Catholic and Anglican have become a scam , Read this piece and open your eyes.

A concerned Kenyan writes.  
I had refrained from writing anything about this saga, until I have thought it out.
In my thinking, the guy is very much right to speak as he did. It is true, when he says that he made these bishops rich, from their pauper status. Thus, they should know better than to bite the hand that has fed them for those years.
Trying to eat his wife is disrespect. No matter how you view it, Ng'ang'a is right here. If they answered when he called at their poverty, they should still answer even now that he has made them rich. No two ways about it. 
I know Christians, in their usual holier than thou manner, are heaping all insults on Ng'ang'a. They have yet again, proven that they never take time to think. To you, Neno might be a spiritual place, to Ng'ang'a, Neno is a shop. Where he peddles faith, miracles, etc. In return, he lives well. 
I hear of those who consider themselves higher christians, saying that this is typical of hizi kanisa za chini. 
How stupid you are. 
Catholics, make no mistake, your priest earns a salary from your money. The rest is shipped off to the Vatican, where white priests have golden crosses, golden challices etc, while you slept hungry last night. 
PCEA, Anglican, Methodist and the rest of you, make no mistake, your reverend earns a salary from your money. The rest goes to the higher leadership of the church. That's why the church has so many investments, but you will never know where the proceeds from them go. 
All of you big churches, you are foolish than these small churches you are laughing at. At least they know where their money goes. You don't.
This clip has served to show several things:
1. Christianity is a business.
2. Christians are foolish individuals who just pass judgement without thinking.
3. Christians can never stand for the truth. Ng'ang'a spoke the harsh truth, you burned him for it.
4. The reaction of the people shows that they are waking up. Trust me, the path towards leaving religion starts with questions

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