Thursday, June 20, 2019 - Kirinyaga Governor, Ann Waiguru, is set to wed her lawyer fiancé, Kamotho Waiganjo, on Saturday, July 13, in a traditional wedding that will be held at her parent’s home in Kirinyaga County.

Several dignitaries have been invited to the much anticipated wedding between the no-nonsense Governor and the city lawyer.

The Kenyan DAILY POST has learnt that the boisterous Governor will have to swallow her pride and go through crazy rituals that are in accordance with the Kikuyu customary laws on the wedding day.

According to a tradition called “Kuria Matu”, Waiganjo will give Waiguru goat ears which she will chew.

After chewing the goat ears, she will return them to him.

According to Kikuyu custom, this is supposed to remind the bride and the groom that they should always listen to each other.

She will also put aside her powerful position as the County boss and comb Waiganjo’s hair, polish his shoes and also cut his nails infront of the invited guests and family members.

She will also offer him some porridge and feed him like a kid.

They will then receive a wedding certificate whose details will be read in public.


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