Wednesday June 26, 2019 - A renowned South African preacher asked the world to pray for East Africa because there is about to be an assassination of a powerful person in one of the countries in East Africa.

Although he declined to mention the exact country in which the alleged assassination will take place, the Man of God said it would be messy if the man dies.

He noted that God had clearly shown him the person and the country but warned him against revealing the identity of the person and the country.

According to the preacher, this person would be abducted by three men wearing military fatigue and would be taken to an unknown location from where he would be murdered in cold blood and his body dumped somewhere to look like he had been killed there.

His death would bring chaos and bloodshed in the country and it will take the hand of God to calm the situation.

This comes amid fears in the country following an alleged assassination plot of Deputy President William Ruto by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s men.

4 CSs have since been summoned by the DCI to shed light on the alleged murder plot of Ruto.

Watch the video below and pray for Ruto and East Africa as a whole.


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  1. It was one of those mt Kenya scheme to have the pastor mention it to have the religious angle in justify the plans to assassinate the dp.

    And even if it a revelation from GOD, the scheme should be careful, cos GOD has reviled there plans and has told him them what will happen: it will not be that usual bragging of mt Kenya that Kenyans will be aggrieved for 2 weeks them back to normal. this time round mt Kenya will know the true colour of the assassination for fur too long will come to an end as they boiling point will be reached.
    mt Kenyans, just go assassinate yourselves in satisfying your auto-drives.