The residents of vihiga village in majengo , Vihiga county, were left dumbfounded when a mother-in-law was caught having an affair with her rich son-in-law who is a widower.

In African traditional culture, especially in Western Kenya, if a woman dies, another woman from the same family where the woman came from can be offered to the deceased husband as the heir.

If it is a man then his young brother becomes the heir in the succession of his late brother's estate including the wife.

A businessman based in Vihiga county left many in shock when he was caught between the sheets with his mother-in-law after his wife (her daughter) died.

Because of civilisation which has become predominant and with various sexually transmitted diseases being on the rise, the wife inheritance tradition has been abandoned by many Africans.

But even in the case of inheritance, a mother-in-law would not be expected to be the one to take her deceased daughter's place in the bedroom, which is exactly what happened between James Misiko and his mother-in-law Beutrice Namikoye.

The spine-chilling affair between 57-year-old Namikoye and 40 year-old James shocked the village, but the pair couldn't care less after they reportedly stole each other's heart and fell madly in love.

The affair reportedly started after James, a filthy rich businessman, lost his wife Namukuru who is Namikoye's daughter.

Those privy to the family's affairs say she died seven years ago in a grisly road accident and left behind three children with Mikio

The illicit romance became a subject of the salacious village gossip and Namikoye's husband James father-in-law) Bakari was eventually notified.

"It was hard for me to believe because it's an abomination in our culture. It became hard for me to confront them without any tangible evidence, so I shared with a friend who advised me to contact native doctor mugwenu Doctors who after they inquired of his spirits confirmed the allegations were true. He then gave me concoction to introduce in my wife's bathing water," narrated Abibu.

Three days later, the two love birds were caught stuck in a guest house within Vihiga.
The matter was brought before village elders and the forbidden couple fined twenty cattle and five sheep, after which they separated.

The two who have since gone underground are rumoured to have been involved in the affair even when Namukuru was still alive.

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