Wednesday June 19, 2019 - The National Government announced on Tuesday a fresh recruitment drive aimed at filling 30,000 public service jobs by next month.

However, the new civil servants would no longer bag the lucrative permanent and pensionable package which has been scrapped in favour of a new 3-year contract 
Civil servants to be recruited starting July 2019 will be hired on three-year contracts.

Speaking yesterday, Public Service Commission (PSC) Chairman, Stephen Kirigo, explained that the new measure is an initiative to reduce laxity that has become synonymous with Government offices as well as pump some fresh blood into the civil service.

"We must be brutal if we want change...it will be your meagre contribution in managing the wage bill.

Our public service must be fit-for-purpose and responsive to citizens' needs," he stated.

The PSC chair added that in the new phase, civil service promotions and retention will be based on merit and not seniority as has been the case.

"Our public service must be fit-for-purpose and responsive to the citizens' needs," Kirogo divulged.

Civil servants will also start contributing a part of their salaries to a retirement scheme beginning in July.

The new changes will take effect with the initial lot of 3,200 workers set to join the civil service in July.


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