Friday June 21, 2019 - The era of high-end vehicles for Government officials in Kenya could come to an end as the Government is keen on the buy Kenya, build Kenya initiative.

Trade and Industrial Cabinet Secretary, Peter Munya, ordered all ministries, departments and agencies on Wednesday to procure only locally assembled vehicles.

Speaking during the launch of the Isuzu East Africa’s Ksh1 billion expanded assembly, Munya said that the plant would improve value addition, employ locals, provide jobs to suppliers and create back and forward financial linkages.

This follows the approval of the policy by the Cabinet that prevents Government officials from importing vehicles for their use.

"We have said the Government will only procure locally assembled vehicles so no government department will buy imported cars,” stated Munya. 

The CS commended Isuzu EA for leading the automotive industry in driving the industrialization agenda and investing in Kenya.

“The expansion by Isuzu EA was in line with the Government’s ambition to grow the country’s manufacturing sector,’’ admitted Munya.

 “We aim to create jobs by expanding the manufacturing sector and by being competitive and ambitious enough, we can make products that are of world-class standards here in Kenya and for export to regional markets,” he added.


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