– Frank Japhet, a Tanzanian native, was however not so lucky in his spree

– The bag ended up getting stuck on his back in a bizarre twist

An unlucky thief was forced to surrender himself to authorities in Tanzania, after a sack of maize he had stolen stuck on his back.

Frank Japhet, a resident of Dar es Salaam, was subjected to hours of unprecedented torture after the 20 kilograms’ sack literally wouldn’t get off his back, hours after he stole it.

He revealed the bag was stolen from an unfortunate woman residing in Nyambwiro on the evening of Wednesday, May 2, but it had been torture as the bag somehow stayed on his back ever since.

We have learnt that the unfortunate man was to leave the bag at a friend’s house and go back for another one, but the bag clung to his body mysteriously.

Residents now believe the woman sought the services of a witchdoctor to reclaim her stolen bag of maize

Before resorting to the police station, Japhet had been strolling for hours in the hope that the bag would eventually fall off to no avail.

It is the latest bizarre bewitching incident that has shocked neitizens, after a similar scenario in November 2017 which saw a man allegedly return stolen goods after he was descended upon by bees.

The thief surrendered the woofer and DVD player in November 2017 in the most bizzarre witchcraft incident of the year.

The man in question had allegedly stolen a DVD player and a music system but returned them barely a day later, after bees pitched camp on his body in Masindi town, Uganda.

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