The rich also cry! See how this heartless MP tricked RAILA’s sister into marriage, then turned wild and abused her severally - He died after inflicting so much pain

Friday June 14, 2019 - Former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, in his autobiography, The Flame of Freedom, expressed startling details about how a former Member of Parliament (MP) used his sister, Beryl Odinga, for political mileage.

In a damning revelation, Raila maintained that former Gem MP, Otieno Ambala, carefully schemed his way into his sister's heart, fuelled by his unquenchable political ambition.

"This very arrogant man manipulated my sister who was freshly out of school into an affair, and later on marriage," an excerpt of Raila's autobiography disclosed.

He noted that Ambala took advantage of the fact that Beryl was deeply in love with him to bulldoze his way into the family, in order to secure a political seat even though he (Raila), his father Jaramogi and his brother, Oburu, were against the relationship because they could see through Ambala and his scheme.

"Jaramogi, Oburu, and I could see right through him and his machinations but Beryl was blinded by love and we were forced, very, very reluctantly, to go along with her wishes," Raila's autobiography disclosed.

"We did not like him at all and saw him as the consummate opportunist," Raila remarked.
As his sister remained adamant on her position, the Odingas reluctantly backed his 1979 bid, which he then ended up bagging by a landslide, mostly due to Jaramogi's open endorsement.

After winning the Parliamentary seat, hell broke loose as Ambala become so wild on Beryl, forcing her to run away, with Raila and the rest of the family advising her to relocate to Zimbabwe in order to escape Ambala, who kept harassing and practically stalking her.

But eventually, Ambala tracked her to her new country of residence, where she had taken their two daughters, Auma & Chizzy, and kick-started custody proceedings that left Beryl crying helplessly in Raila's arms after the MP was granted custody during the hearing.

Ambala died on June 9, 1985, with reports maintaining that he collapsed as a result of an apparent heart attack in Kodiaga Prison, Kisumu where he had been jailed in connection with the murder of former Gem MPHorace Ongili Owiti, who defeated him in the 1983 General Elections.


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