Thursday June 20, 2019 - The US Secret Service has given a clarification about the authenticity of the Ksh2 billion that was unearthed from a safety deposit box at Barclays Bank. 

The money, which was stashed in US dollars, was sent to the US security agents for analysis. 

The Secret Service examined 13,194 specimen notes worth Ksh131 million and concluded that they were fake just like the Directorate of Criminal Investigations had concluded.

According to reports, Gilbert Gunn, an investigative agent with the Secret Service, told Judge John Mativo that the April 2nd investigation showed that the seized notes did not possess security features. 

“My examination of the above 13,194 specimens determined that they are counterfeit because they do not contain authentic features that are found on the US 100 Federal Reserve Notes (1996 and 2004 style),” Gunn wrote. 

His first feature in the checklist was red and blue fibres in the currency.

He then looked at the Intaglio (raised) printing, typographic printing, security thread, watermark, color shifting ink then microprinting.

He also checked two special features only in the 2004 style dollar - 3D security ribbon and a colour shifting bell in the Inkwell.

Businessman Erick Adede, the owner of the safety deposit box that the notes were found in, and other co-conspirators were arrested by the DCI.


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