Slay Queen goes gaga over her dinosaur mzungu husband, can this Guka even KUM? (PHOTOs)

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - A slay queen from Ghana has been parading her aging mzungu husband and describing him as the most special man in the planet.

The young lady who is in her late  twenties, has been married to the elderly mzungu for 16 years.

Despite their age difference, they behave like teenage lovers.

The man is too old to even walk but the young lady seems to be madly in love with him.

In a series of posts on Instagram seen by the Kenyan DAILY POST, the lady gushes over her mzungu husband and pampers him with crazy love.

Check this out.

Does this mzee rise up to the occasion or the lady is just after his wealth?

See more photos of the old man.


  1. well he did 16yrs ago. and she will inherit wealth

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